Siya Nsele is one of the shining examples of what determination to succeed coupled with the necessary support can achieve. Coming from a very disadvantaged family, Siya was determined to break the circles of poverty by exceptional performance at Matric level. His father is unemployed and mother working as a domestic worker could not afford to pay for his extra lessons.

WAMY came to him aid by admitting him to the tuition program which enabled him to study hard and pass him matric examinations. His desire to become an Engineer became brighter when he was accepted to study at Mangusothu University of Technology. He has since graduated and has a stable job making him a sole bread winner supporting his family and sibling’s.

“I am where I am now because of WAMY for accepting me in the tuition program. The tuition program equipped me with skills to study effectively, how to manage examinations related stress and how to tackle examination questions. As a result, I passed my matric examinations and was accepted at University to study Engineering”

“I have since completed my studies, and with God’s help I got a job that I have always wanted to do, With a stable job, I am now able to support myself and my family, the tuition program changed my life” Siya Nsele

Moses Gumbi, a bright young man from Umlazi is yet another success story of the tuition program. Orphaned whilst still a child, Moses’s life has been one marred with challenges and obstacles.

Moses joined our tuition program and proceeded to be one of the top achievers of the class of 2006 matric learners. He was admitted to the University Of Cape Town School Of Medicine and since then has never stopped flourishing in his studies. He is currently doing his final year and can’t wait to be a full time doctor. He was also part of medical students exchange program to Germany in 2010.

“I am excited at the prospect of being a doctor, that’s all I have ever wanted, to be able to help people. When I look back, I am thankful to WAMY for tuitions they facilitated for us, it was because of WAMY tuition that I was able to pass my matric examinations and be accepted at UCT to study medicine, WAMY provided me with more than just tuition, they gave me a future I have always yearned for, and since admission to UCT, WAMY supported me with all my travel need”.

“My dream is to be able to make similar changes in the lives of underprivileged young learners for them to reach their potential” Moses Gumbi.

Thobile Ngcobo another success story of the tuition program qualified to study Accounting at University of KwaZulu Natal Westville Campus after attending out tuition program at Hammersdale Tuition centre. After successfully completing her studies, she is now working as an Internal Auditor at a major international auditing firm.

“Coming from a poor family in a township mainly known for high rates crime and unemployment, it was not easy for me and my siblings. My father was a security guard and Mother unemployed; we would go to school without eating and only using one pair of uniform and shoes”

“When I joined the WAMY tuition program, I was determined to pass my matric examinations. WAMY helped me to learn study techniques, build self-confidence and master Mathematics, English, Accounting and Physical Sciences; as a result I passed my matric examinations and was admitted at UKZN Westville Campus. After completing my degree program, I am now working and independent career woman and able to support my family, I sincerely thanks to WAMY for all the difference they have made in my life” Thobile Ncgobo

Aliya Phungula is a very ambitious young lady who has always wanted to be a nurse. Coming from a troubled family, Aliya was concerned about her performance in Mathematic, English, Physical Science and Accounting.

Aliya was one of our matric learners who benefited from the tuition program and managed to pass with flying colors which earned her admittance at eThekwini Institute of Nursing and Primary Health Care. She graduated with a meritorious achievement and she is now waiting for a job placement in any government hospital.

“The WAMY tuition program was a blessing to me, it enabled motivated me to believe in myself that I can whatever I set my eyes on. After passing my matric examinations, I was accepted to study nursing at eThekwini Institute of Nursing and Primary Health Care.

“I shall forever remain grateful to WAMY for giving me such a wonderful opportunity that helped me to realize my dream of being a nurse”Aliya.

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